Wedding Photos Kitsap State Park- Ashlee and Nate

Wedding Photos Kitsap State Park - Ashlee and Nate Ashlee and Nate had the perfect wedding day.  The sun was out, and they had the whole park to themselves.  I got a chance to meet these two last year.  Ashlee wanted to know if I had ever photographed an engagement shoot where the couple's through paint at each other.  Right then I knew these two had a playful personality and wanted to shoot there wedding.  They did not disappoint!  Not only was their friends and family amazing, but so were all the vendors!

They also rented the photo booth which was a huge hit!  Click here for more info.  

[ZFP_PhotoSet id='p983468630']

Make Up- Jen from The Outer Edge

Catering- Bubba's Country Cue

DJ- DJ Suave