Coolest time lapse

I have been hooked on Time Lapse Photography for about a week now, or whenever Brian Shepard sent me some truly amazing clips. It really got my head spinning of the amazing things that I see and do here in Alaska, and how I can implement this type of photography in what I am doing. It is time intensive. For a typical shot of Northern Lights over a 1 minute time lapse has approx 720 photos. Holy schmolies!!! Well this clip is what did it for me. While I have never seen a volcano erupt to this extent there was period several years ago when Mark Titzel and I jumped in the car and headed South to sit on a bluff for about 4 hours watching Mt. Redoubt after it erupted. I can't help but to look back and think if I had thought to do a time lapse, this would have been amazing!!!!!!

Well this time lapse is done by Sean Stiegemeier in Iceland back in 2010. He did an amazing job!!