Photo Booth Rental Seattle

Photo Booth Rental Seattle- As professional photographers we are always trying to find new and unique ways to capture the essence of our wedding clients events.  We had noticed a few clients using photo booths at their events.  Some we were surprised to see, used nothing more then a glorified web camera and lighting from home depot.  Some even restricted the amount of people in a shot because they were to small, or you had to crawl into a small space.

We decided to provide our clients with a better mouse trap.  Working with developers out of California we were able to bring to the market a photo booth for the next generation.  Our photo booth packs a professional camera and studio quality lighting.  As professional photographers our standards are high!  Our booth is small, and fits in the corner of any event.  Because our design is "open" there are no limits to the amount of people that can fit into your shot!  Depending on the package you purchase, we are able to print photos right then and there for your clients to take home a souvenir.  Or, your friends and family can text their photos, or post them on facebook right from the terminal.

For information on our booths, and how you can get a $200 discount off the "Kitchen Sink" rate by booking us for your photography please visit us here.  Till then, check out the photos of our new booth! 

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