Iditarod 2012

I can't say enough about the hard work and dedication it takes to be a musher. I have always had respect for the sport, and the athletes that participate in the events. Lately I have been introduced to a young up coming musher Jake Burkowitz and his wonderful fiancé Robin Simms. Jake and Robin ran a sled dog tour at the top of a glacier in Juneau during the past couple of summers. Visitors had to access the remote are via helicopter. Recently they both made the commitment to fulfill Jakes dream of becoming full time mushers, and relocated to the Big Lake area. I was invited out to the start of the Iditarod by Jake and Robin, and was able to have the time of my life!!! These two are so much fun, and perfect for each other. Robin is hysterical, and makes me laugh all the time. I have never seen her without a smile.

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