Engagement Photos Anchorage, Alaska | Susannah and Santos

Engagement Photos Anchorage, Alaska | Susannah and Santos Santos is an old friend of mine from college.  We both met while I was going to school in Valdez.  Through the magic of facebook he and I were able to stay in touch to see what each other is up to!  And he has been up to a lot!  He met the love of his life and is getting ready to plan the big wedding for summer 2016!  I got a chance to finally meet Susannah after several conversations on the phone.  Since I was coming through town I had one night to get them out to take some photos!  We had a great time.  What started out for me driving to their house in a horrible down pour of rain.  I thought for sure we would get rained out.  But as luck would have it, the first spot we got to had the clouds part and the sun come out.  You have to love the weather in Alaska!  Never what you expect!  I had a great time with these two and look forward to photographing their wedding!

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