Nicole and Andy

Nicole and Andy are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in the world.  I was absolutely honored they chose me to photograph their special day.  The setting was simple, the two decided to get married in Girdwood, Alaska and invite a small group of AMAZING family and friends.  In planning for taking photos for the day Nicole and Andy were so laid back, and trusted me 100% to get something great for them.  Luckily, they both had committed a large chunk of time for me to take them around and set up many different shots.  Something I wish all brides did.  At some weddings I am lucky to get 15 minutes.  But this day they gave me 90 minutes, and boy did we have fun!  

First let me embarrass these 2 publicly by posting a link to to a show they did call "Buying Alaska"  (they are going to kill me! )



And here are the pictures we captured their wedding day.  Congrats you two, so happy for you!!!!!!!