Guemes Island Resort | Ashley and Aaron

Guemes Island Wedding | Ashley and Aaron Ashley and Aaron are very adventurous.  And when it came to planning their wedding, they had to keep with that lifestyle. I first met Ashley for coffee several months ago and was quickly excited to learn of the details of what she had planned!  I assure you, any bridal consultation that starts with "we would like to start early and hike 2.5 miles to the top of Guemes Mountain to get some photos before the event" has me written all over it.

True to form, the hike was perfect.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  Ashley being an active outdoors woman hiked with her dress in hand.  Once at the top she changed and we captured some amazing photos with the San Juan Islands in the background, and some with Mt Baker.  Back at the Guemes Island Resort we prepared for the wedding day.  What incredible weather.  Such a payoff for planning a September wedding.  The ceremony site had Mt Baker lined up right behind the two.  Perfect spot.  They made a weekend out of it.  Their friends, all active outdoors people got a chance to play in the water, hike, bike and even had time for some yoga in the morning!

Congratulations Ashely and Aaron and thank you for having us at your wedding!  We loved it!

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