Mendenhall Glacier

The Banf Film Festival has become a new favorite tradition of mine since Brian T. introduced it to me a couple of years ago. 2 days of the most motivating, crazy, active adventures you could ever dream up. The film takes a tour of the country each year to showcase a variety of the winners. There are so many films it takes 2 nights to watch! If you see this come to your town I highly recommend it. Well this years show includes a film by Alan Gordon called Blue Obsession. It’s about the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, and how it’s his playground. And what an amazing playground it is. I miss being able to head out there whenever I wanted. When I lived in Juneau the Glacier provided me with most of my entertainment. I spent countless hours there taking pictures of bears, and hiking the trails, and exploring the many caves of the deep underbelly of the glacier. Infact, I think I meet most of my friends out there in one way or another. Too many to mention! But the memories are all the same.

I owe that glacier a lot. I took countless pictures of, on, around, and most notably in the glacier itself. I have been lucky to receive a lot of miles out of my ice cave photos. But today I wanted to share with you Alan’s clip of video of the glacier. One can only imagine the immense beauty inside one. And only time will tell how long any of us can continue to enjoy them.

Congrats Alan! Great job!