Bride and Groom with Northern Lights- Fairbanks, Alaska

Bride and Groom with Northern Lights- Fairbanks, Alaska I had the pleasure of meeting with these clients early to brainstorm some ideas of where we can shoot their bridal session.  From Singapore, they were excited to see Alaska and what it has to offer.  They were interested in getting photos under the Northern Lights.  Now to forecast Northern Lights is tough!  We have to have clear skies, and a solar eve

nt.  We chose Fairbanks for the ability to get as far North as possible.  The day we arrived, the weather socked in.  I called a friend at the National Weather Service who confirmed there is cloud cover over all of the road system.  His only advice was to get out there and hope for a hole in the sky.  Not only do we need to hope for the hole, but there has to be Northern Lights!  I was really nervous.  I wanted to be successful for these guys who traveled so far.  Well, the first night we scored.  We found a hole in the sky, and sure enough some lights came through.

The 2nd night we had to drive about 60 miles South to find some clear skies.  We stumbled across an airfield just south of Nenana and witnessed a fantastic Northern Lights show.  What an amazing time!

So for traveling so far, and having never been in cold weather like this (-30) these clients earned the pictures.