Bride and Groom in an ice cave

The Bride and Groom in an ice cave photos were taken a week after their original wedding.  The bride and groom met in Juneau when she was stationed here in the Coast Guard.  Since 2008 they have built a life here of adventure, and outdoors activities.  Recently the bride got reassigned to Guam, and they were moving shortly after the wedding.  I talked to the couple about the idea of taking photos in the cave early on.  I wanted to get them a photo of something symbolic of their relationship and where they met.  The groom, as an avid climber spent lots of time at the glacier which is in Juneau's backyard.  Once the couple agreed we set a date to head out there.  To get there you have to hike about 3 hours to get to it.  We chose to kayak out to the face of the glacier, then hike up, a route that takes about an hour.  Once at the cave, my friend and fellow photographer Matt Brown and I scouted the location.  The bride and groom then changed into their wedding outfits, and we took the photos.  Now that the photos have been produced I can't be more happy then to think of this amazing photo sitting on the mantle of their new home in Guam and making them smile.  At the end of the day that is why I took the photo, to make them happy.

This is a view of Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.  This is where we kayaked out to.


Bride and the groom kayaking out to the face of the glacier


Once at the glacier, we had to beach the kayaks and hike up the side of the mountain.  This glacier is melting so fast it is starting to show signs of a forest that was once underneath it.  Scientists believe the wood under the glacier is over 10,000 years old.

[Once in the glacier, my sidekick, kayak supplier, and fellow photographer Matt Brown helped me set up the lights.


And here is the results.